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  • Kliff

    “Ultra !”
    The Kliff is Kortel Design’s response to the specific problems posed by paralpanism. The relentless pursuit of weight gain incites too many pilots to neglect the safety of the “mountain” aspect of this activity  (...)
  • Kruyer

    “Flexibility !”
    Kruyer is the new lightweight harness from Kortel Design.
    Kruyer the most adaptable and the most comfortable mountain harness on the market today!
    Kruyer is the first lightweight harness with a flexible  (...)
  • Kairn

    “No sacrifice”
    The Kairn is Kortel Design’s response to the mountain harness concept.
    Our first prototypes were light, very light, comparable with models already on the market. And then we went flying with them….
    Then we tried  (...)
  • Karver

  • Kuik

    “Versatility !”
    A new concept of multi-purpose harness.
    Initially developed for speed-riding, with its small, removable seat plate and its removable mousse-bag, this harness lends itself to all forms of free flight that don’t  (...)
  • Karma

    “Fly serene”
    This harness was developed for optimal confort in positions ranging from upright to semi-inclined. It is a worthy derivative of its big brother the Kamasutra.
    Particular attention was paid to the ergonomics  (...)
  • Kamasutra II

    “Comfortable Cruiser”
    The Kamasutra II takes over from the famous Kamasutra. At first sight you may only notice small aesthetic changes; but subtle changes in the architecture have also improved the ergonomics and comfort.
    This  (...)
  • Kanibal II

    “Beat them all”
    The Kanibal II isn’t just an old Kanibal renewed. We have increased our range of products, and the Kanibal II the Kanibal Race were born.
    The Kanibal II is a xc/racing harness designed for high performance and  (...)
  • Kanibal Race

    “Killer Instinct”
    This original looking harness has been designed for pilots who spend their time in the air. The holding of the body, which lies above the anchor is obtained by a system that needed 2 years of development.  (...)
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