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  • Kolibri Backpack

    Kolibri Backpack
    The Kolibri has been designed for hike & fly and bivouac flight pilots, but one thing was missing : a good carrying backpack. here comes the Kolibri backpack which is equiped with all the necessary functions for  (...)
  • Sak II

    “More than a simple airbag ...”
    The SaK II is a reversible and removable bag-airbag designed for Kruyer II and for Karver II.
    The set Kruyer II / Karver II-SaK II allows a total flexibility. In addition, if you add a front  (...)
  • Kockpit Photo

    Kockpit Photo is the first kockpit designed for . for the amateur paragliders of photo. It adapts itself on any harness, via a fast connection by serpress buckles.
    Divided inside which can welcome a réflex case + 2 objectives.  (...)
  • Kockpit Safe

    Kockpit Safe is an evolution of Kockpit II, thought to improve the safety of the pilots.
    Indeed, every year the deaths are to be regretted because of an forgetting of the belts of thighs. After analysis of the accidents, it  (...)
  • Pin Lock carabineer

    Loading capacity
    Breaking load 2500 kg by a weight of 80 g. That means a weight saving of 100–120g on the harness compared to one with steel karabiners.
    Average value of fatigue endurance proven with 425 Kg. Paragliding karabiners in use are  (...)
  • Ajustable triple bar Accelerator

    Ajustable 3 stage accelerator bar
    Kortel Design has developed this 3 stage adjustable accelerator bar for competition pilots.
    Weight: 90g
    Thanks to the adjustable flexible bars, pilots are able to finely tune the required speed  (...)
  • Traditional double accelerator bar

    Double Accelerator Bar
    The first bar is flexible and is easy to use with single foot application. This design enables constant symmetrical balance during use.
    The second bar, being rigid is sufficiently wide to allow the use of  (...)
  • Tandem bag II

    Tandem Bag II
    Porterage improved compared with the old version.
    Ergonomic shoulders straps.
    2 side handles.
    Wide abdominal strap.
    Allows to tidy up the tandem glider in ball and to close the bag by means of a single belt.  (...)
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