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The KUIK II concept : Give us your opinion !!

Wednesday 13 April 2011

We have started work on the replacement for the Kuik.
For this we have chosen a modular harness. The Kuik II will be usable as a comfortable mountain harness in its basic configuration, but it will be possible to adapt the functionality of the harness by rapidly adding different modules.

The Kuik II will be a split leg type harness (no seat board) with shoulder reserve attachment points.

*(Following certain remarks made via the opinion poll form we confirm that like the Kuik, the Kuik II will have leg straps equipped with buckles.)

Work on the basic structure of the harness is already well advanced. It’s comfort and in flight behaviour are remarkable for a harness of this type.
The in flight sensations are less disconcerting than a normal split leg harness and are close to those of a classic seat board harness, with very gentle movements and a very high precision in turns.

Here is an illustration of the Kuik II concept, (Please note, the look is not definitive and is subject to change without notice).
We have imagined several possible variations :

PNG - 508.5 kb
Koncept Kuik II ld en

Please vote for the modules that appeal to you the most. The modules with the most votes will be developed first.

Each voter has 3 votes that he or she can use as they wish (it is possible to vote 3 times for the same module for example).
In order not to influence votes the results will not be published in real time.

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