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Safety notice

Monday 17 October 2011

We have discovered a problem with the Kruyer harness. Potentially all units produced to date may be implicated.

The problem occurs here:

JPEG - 411.2 kb
kruyer localisation pb

The shoulder straps slide in a square metal buckle in order to facilitate the transition from a sitting to standing position. Sometimes this buckle in which the shoulder straps slide gets stuck at the top of the seam.

JPEG - 196.4 kb

This leads to premature wear of the thigh strap:

JPEG - 199.7 kb

Please carefully check the condition of the strap at the top of the seam at the location pointed to by the red arrow. If abnormal wear is found, please take a photo of the damaged area and contact us for the necessary steps to be taken.

If this strap were to break, there is no risk of falling out of the harness, but the resulting position would probably be highly uncomfortable.

We would like to remind you that it is recommended to have the harness checked every 2 years.

Harnesses in stock have been modified accordingly. There is a simple way to identify them: the stiching at the point where the shoulder strap is stitched to the leg strap is done with yellow thread.

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