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New Karbon ring

Thursday 30 July 2015

The investment of the team R*D in projects such as the Kolibri PRO brought this one has to develop new technical solutions to relieve always more the equipment.
The ring carbon is one of its...
The Kolibri PRO harnesses which were used on X-Alps were equipped with these rings, which represent an gain of more than 50 % on the weight of the footplate. Nelson DE FREYMANN and Antoine GIRARD tested them for several weeks in Kolibri, and then in Kolibri PRO during X-Alps.

PNG - 40.5 Mb

This technical evolution will be from now available for the public.
Kolibri will be delivered from now ith these rings.
Kuik II Kocon modules can also be equipped with as an option.

JPEG - 2.4 Mb
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