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Max SEIGAL, National Geographic Expeditions photographer’s choose the Kolibri for his travels !

Tuesday 10 October 2017

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My name is Max Seigal, I work as a photographer with National Geographic Expeditions and I travel the world on our exploration ships for the majority of the year.
During my travels, I often stay in the local areas looking for places to paraglide, which takes me to some incredible flying sites around the globe. What I love most about paragliding is the access it provides me to explore new terrain, so I am a big fan of long cross country days where I can spend hours in the air soaring from one mountain peak to the next.

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In addition to my love for long flying days, I love the adventure of exploring new places , so often times I will pack my tent and sleeping bag with me and spend a few days in the outdoors flying during the day and camping at night. The Kortel Kolibri has been an amazing addition to my paragliding kit for a number of reasons – mainly because of the spacious storage it has which allows me to store more camping gear for vol-biv trips, but also because the harness is incredibly light weight and packs down to very small sizes which makes it easy to travel the world with.

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I have to be very selective about what I take with me on our expeditions because we are space limited, so the small size and weight of the Kolibri is perfect for an active traveler like myself. I also use the Kruyer II for shorter hike/fly trips and adventure ascents of peaks around the world, and when combined with the Sak II it is an incredible setup because it is extremely light weight and also has your typical back protection in the form of an air bag. This is a major confidence boost knowing that I have my back protection with me at all times, and the amazing design of the reversible backpack makes this all possible. All in all, Kortel Design makes some of the best harness on the market!


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