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Kuik II Ultra Light

Tuesday 18 June 2013

After two years of development, our harness specifically designed for hike or fly competitions is finally ready to be marketed.

The first prototype was extremely light, but too sensitive to pilot.

JPEG - 212.6 kb
Proto 2011

Last year’s prototype, much more sophisticated, but too cluttered.

JPEG - 226.4 kb
Proto 2012

This year, we can consider that it is complete and worthy of a production model.
We did not want to make compromises in terms of safety and piloting.

The behavior is identical to that of the normal Kuik II model, the geometry is the same. It has been optimized for a more reclined position.

It includes :

  • a huge airbag, running from the front of the of the seat to the upper back.
    JPEG - 341 kb
    Airbag intégral
  • a 3-barred accelerator
  • side protection tubes for the accelerator cord.
  • a carbon nose board
    JPEG - 334.2 kb
  • an adjustable and extensible lycra Kocon (pod)
    JPEG - 362.5 kb
    Kocon lycra réglable

    Obviously, we have had some remarks about the Kocon’s flat un-aerodynamic nose. Rest assured, no concessions were made on the aerodynamics either. A study has shown that this flat nose has absolutely no influence on the Cx, but it does reduce the lateral wind resistance. And what’s more it’s lighter!
    Aesthetically, it deviates from the the accepted norm, but we’ll talk about that again soon…

  • semi-automatic pod closure system
    JPEG - 523 kb
    Fermeture semi-automatique
  • a front reserve container integrated into the pod, extraction tested on a G-Force Trainer, with a handle that is visible and easily accessible in the air in a supine position.
    JPEG - 261.8 kb
    Poignée secours
  • a small instrument holder
    JPEG - 338.8 kb
    Kockpit intégré
  • a large back storage pocket, plus a large volume under the seat (all unused storage volume inflates to increase the volume of the airbag).
  • a large side pocket accessible in the air
    JPEG - 235.6 kb
    Poche latérale
  • two lateral air intakes, retractable to avoid damage during storage
    JPEG - 249.7 kb
    Ecope rétractable
  • fully adjustable position thanks to a unique adjustable splice system that has taken over two years to develop.
    JPEG - 832.4 kb
    Epissure réglable
JPEG - 528.9 kb

JPEG - 218.5 kb

JPEG - 484.3 kb

All this for a total weight of 1.6 kg for the M size!
Already EN 1651 certified.

This is the ‘heavy’ production version.
For extremists, on request, it is possible to make a version weighing under one kilogram, by sacrificing back protection and various adjustments.

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