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Kolibri : Splice’s locking

Thursday 4 September 2014

In the absence of tension in the splices of length’s settings of the Kolibri leg-pod, these can, in certain conditions, loosen and consequently modify the settings previously established.
When this settings becomes too loose, the tension and the efforts are taken back by materials (fabric, aquatech) which are not planned for it and which can deteriorate in case of too important tension.

To prevent this eventuality, it’s better to block the splice by means of a simple stop’s knot.

JPEG - 471.7 kb

Mark the lenght, to check later.

JPEG - 401.3 kb

First round

JPEG - 441.4 kb

Second round

JPEG - 461.9 kb

JPEG - 459.6 kb

Pass the extremity into the buckle.

JPEG - 402 kb

Fix th knot

JPEG - 443.5 kb
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