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Kolibri Pro contest results

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Final version of the Kolibri PRO prototype is achieved !

Geometry is the same as the Kolibri, with an excellent comfort still the same features : ability to use it even with legs bended, back airbag, storage pocket, ... and many others tips that we will explain later !
It has been possible to make it lighter, but with sacrifying with some important elements.

The official weighing has been done on Monday, March the 9th, and has been fully recorded !

Thanks to everyone for playing.
We received some really interesting weights like 3250g (!!!) which is 62.5% more than the actual Kolibri weight.

The final winner of the contest is :

Zlatko KOREN (Slovenia)

He will receive soon a Sak Kolibri.

For the Icare Cup, we made a radical version of the Kolibri, dedicated for the X-Alps race.
Nelson Defreyman and Antoine Girard already chose it.

Guess the total weight of the prototype precision in gram, and win a Kolibri bag (more info to come:-) )

Some technical details:

  • Dyneema structure and light fabric
  • Same geometry as the Kolibri, means same comfort, and ability to use it even with legs bended.
  • Huge back pocket, and airbag protection.
  • Pod with the rescue Kontainer integrated in front position.
  • Soft links
  • 3 steps speed bar.
Concours Kolibri Pro
[Required] :

Results will be announced in one or two months.

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