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Coupe Icare 2009: the Karver created a sensation on the Kortel Design booth

Wednesday 23 September 2009

“Remove the surplus”

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Kortel Design Team introduced the Karver during the Coupe Icare 2009.
The Karver is a product aimed at the freeride pilot! The Karver will do miracles in all those aspects of free flight: speedriding, speedflying and wagas!

For a long time Kortel Harnesses have had such good back support the shoulders straps were no longer necessary. Shoulder straps were there just to carry the harness either by hand or on the shoulders, and to attach the reserve risers to. The Karver doesn’t need them, so we simply removed them!!
Uniquely the Karver offers a fantastic sensation of freedom and is unlike anything else on the market today. It’s just another first for the Kortel Design Team!

Anyone who tried the Karver during the Coupe Icare just loves this new harness. The back support is excellent and way better than any other harness on the market and the freedom of movement induced by this new concept is just astonishing.

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More information and pictures coming soon.

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