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Cody TUTTLE : Professional adventure photographer

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Cody TUTTLE has choosen Kortel Design gear for his adventures. He explains us why ...

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I never imagined that I would soar amongst the largest mountains in the world, fly with prehistoric birds, and travel the world in search of the perfect experience. My name is Cody Tuttle and I am a professional adventure photographer based out of the Owens Valley in the American West. I spend most of my year traveling the globe photographing expeditions and people following their dreams to the wildest places on the planet.

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As soon as I had the opportunity to experience the art of free flight for the very first time I was absolutely hooked. An entirely new perspective on the world. I started perusing paragliding to experience the mountains in a new way I never knew was possible.

Approaching a mountain from the land or sky requires years of dedication and the absolute right equipment. Coming from an alpine climbing background the ability to move light and fast is everything. Kortel Designs has developed exactly that. Performance paragliding equipment meant for serious mountain adventures with a true dedication to performance and comfort while maintaining some of the worlds lightest harnesses.

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The Kortel Kolibri is the ideal harness for any hike and fly or Vol Biv adventure. With large storage capacity and comfortable design, you wouldn’t realize you are flying a 2kg harness even after a long 7-hour flight through the Himalaya.

When packing for a long expedition or paragliding adventure weight, pack volume, and performance is everything. If I have to pack everything into one bag for a multi national adventure it will be my Kortel Kolibri carried in it’s Kolibri Backpack.

Website: www.codytuttle.com

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