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Attachment safety system

Monday 14 April 2014

The safety committee of the FFVL (French Federation) emitted a warning concerning the risk of forgetting to fasten the attachment belt. Several lethal accident already happened.

This risk with a “V” attachment system (Karma, Kamasutra...) is low, as there are only two points to fasten, and as soon as one is closed, you can’t fall down from the harness, and taking off with both unfasten is hardly possible.

With a usual legstraps+chest belt attachment system, the risk is a little higher, as you can take off without the leg straps, just with the chest belt.

But the risk really increases with a cockpit. Indeed, once the cockpit is in place, you loose the visual contact with your straps, and the take off becomes possible without being attached.

Since more than one year, Kortel Design as taken in account this risk in its different design:

We offers a cockpit that includes a safety system. The Kockpit Safe allows to be secured in the harness even if all others straps have been forgotten. This Kockpit Safe can be mounted on any harness.

JPEG - 296 kb

The Kocon module of the Kuik II is also equipped with this safety system.

JPEG - 373.6 kb

The safety system was individually tested and it’s strength is more than 700DaN (approx. 700kg). It means that the system also complies to the standard EN 1651: the tests were realized by simulating a forgetten chest belt with the system in position (Kockpit Safe and Kocon module of Kuik II).

On Karver II, it is impossible to forget to fasten because if we do not put the waist belt, the harness falls as there is no shoulders straps !
On Kolibri, Kruyer II and Kliff, no possibility to forget, as these harnesses have no buckles : it is necessary to put them on.

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